When beer was healthier than water

by Jenna Robinson

Posted on 2019-01-24

As beer geeks, the team at Tighes Hill Cellars know and love their craft beer. However, they also understand the need for proper hydration and appreciate that water is currently the healthiest, most essential beverage around. However, did you know that there was a time when beer was healthier than water? Let’s look at some of the history of brewing to find out why!

Whilst the extensive history of beer dates back to BC times, the most interesting part of it all is the fact that water was once unsafe to drink… and beer was not. In fact, there was an excessive rise in the number of beer houses about 300 years ago, which was a direct result of the fact that beer was safer to drink. Surface water was actually quite dirty, and often contaminated with human waste. Beer, on the other hand, was boiled for hours, killing any bacteria.

In addition to dangerous water sources, beer was also seen as a superior alternative due to its various other health properties. You can actually call beer a complete food. Predominately made from boiled water, beer also contains carbohydrates, micronutrients and protein. Because the alcohol content was only modest, it was also said to improve blood circulation and assist in reducing the risk of heart disease. Due to the high water content, beer is also very thirst quenching, so you can see why people would choose to drink it over filthy water.

Drinking water quality has since improved, and we definitely recommend consuming the daily requirements for maintaining good health. In addition to clean water, you can still enjoy a good beer knowing that it’s tasty and satisfying. Beer still has some great nutritional properties in-spite of the bad rap it’s gotten over recent years. Beer actually has just as many antioxidants as wine. It’s higher in protein and Vitamin B. According to the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, it also contains good amounts of calcium, iron, phosphates, and fibre!

In addition, the New England Journal of Medicine found that moderate beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from hearts attacks, strokes or heart disease than non-drinkers. In fact, moderate consumption of any alcoholic beverage was associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease. From lowering the risk of kidney stones to lowering cholesterol, to improving bone strength, a lot of different research projects have found some interesting health benefits to the sensible consumption of beer.

Of course, the best reason to drink beer or (even better) craft beer, is that… it’s awesome. It’s relaxing, and enjoyable. There’s a whole world of amazing craft creations out there, waiting for you to explore. At Tighes Hill Cellars, we are a craft beer superstore, home to amazing natural wines and artisan spirits as well. If you’d like to know more about beer, speak with the beer geeks. You can stop by or phone us on 4961 4704. To buy some of the best beverages around from the comfort of your couch, shop here.