What is so special about top-shelf spirits?

by Jenna Robinson

Posted on 2019-02-28

You may have heard about our Spirit Revolution already? At Tighes Hill Cellars, we are fighting for top shelf taste because quality is important to us. So, what exactly is a top-shelf spirit? Basically, these spirits are the highest quality spirits available. Traditionally, they’re kept on the top shelf of the bar while the normal stuff is within arm’s reach, so the name is quite literal.

Top-shelf spirits have a higher price tag due to the use of natural, first-class ingredients and an extended, refined distilling and ageing process. The longer the spirit is aged, the higher the price point. They can be separated into two different groups, light and dark. Light spirits include; vodka, tequila and gin, while dark spirits include; brandy, scotch and whiskey. Rum can actually be both.

Last year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a report on the ‘Apparent Consumption of Alcohol’ which reflected that not only are Aussies starting to drink more responsibly in general, they are increasingly opting for more premium alcoholic beverages. Alcohol Beverages Australia Executive Director, Fergus Taylor, said “We are also seeing increases in gourmet or experience-related consumption at smaller specialist venues based around specific and often locally made and owned products.” (www.alcoholbeveragesaustralia.org.au).The verdict, if you’re going to drink, make it a quality beverage and drink in moderation.

So, what are the benefits of drinking top-shelf aside from knowing the quality is better and it’s obviously the popular thing to do? Due to the care taken during distillation, and the use of superior ingredients, top-shelf spirits also have a smoother flavour palette, are less likely to cause headaches and hangovers, and don’t go down with the typical burn sensation invoked by their value/budget counterparts.

If you’d like to know more about top-shelf spirits, or if you’d like to join the spirit revolution, make sure you stop by and speak with us at Tighes Hill Cellars. If you already know what artisan spirits you prefer, you can even order online on our website right here. Here’s to the revolution, because quality is worth fighting for!