New Gangbusters brew goes GANGBUSTERS

by Jenna Robinson

Posted on 2019-11-15

Well, Bitter & Twisted is done and dusted for another year! If you didn’t have the privilege of attending in 2019, you may not know that the beer geeks did something a little different this year. We wanted our second year as VIP sponsors to be super memorable, so we partnered with Pioneer Brewing Co. to produce our very own craft beer! Not everyone gets to say they have their own brew, with their picture on the tinny, but Tighes Hill Cellars crew; Rob, Nick and Collin do!


Because we knew it would be hit, and because we were launching on the grounds of Maitland Gaol, a former maximum security prison, we named our beer- Gangbusters. To top it off, it literally went GANGBUSTERS.


Prepared by Pioneer in collaboration with our expert, beer-loving team, Gangbusters is a “Newcastle” IPA. It’s a beer made by beer geeks, for beer geeks everywhere! Ingredients for the concoction were 100% sourced from NSW, so it’s definitely a home town original.


A little about Pioneer… they are a farm-based brewery, who grow their own malting grains on-site and use rain water for the brewing process. It doesn’t get any more natural than that. They’re located near Orange in NSW. While Pioneer already have an impressive repertoire, including some fine craft beers, we think Gangbusters truly tops it all off. We might be a little biased though!


Our farm-fresh masterpiece debuted at Bitter & Twisted on November 2nd and 3rd, and flowed freely from the tap all weekend… until we sold out! The good news for anyone who missed out is… it’s now available in-store (and online) at Tighes Hill Cellars in tin form!


If you didn’t get the chance to try Gangbusters at Bitter & Twisted, make sure you try the beer that honours all beer geeks. You won’t be disappointed. And, if you have tried it, you’ll surely want to come back for more! You can order online or come see us in-store. At Tighes Hill Cellars, you’ll always be spoilt for choice when you enter our world of craft beer, fine wine and artisan spirits.